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Pallas’s Sandgrouse in Finland 29.7 – 2.8.2010

Since I have spent all summer in Finland I’d like to highlight one really legendary species in Europe now seen again in Finland. Mr. Matti Vanhapelto found Pallas’s Sandgrouse on July 29. 2010 from Lappeenrata, Askola. The bird was still present today when I visited the site. In Finland our recent records are from 1992 and 1969. One very well known period in the past was 1888-9 when it bred in some European countries and was seen in many others.   With some luck I managed to photograph it on the ground. Habitat in Lappeenranta  seems to be suitable for the bird and probably it stays several more days if not even weeks.

Pallas’s Sandgrouse (Syrrhaptes paradoxus)